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Lineage 2 Gracia Final EURO OFF PTS (Retail server)
WinterFell x1 - International Server

Grand open date :
November 1 2019 20:00 (GMT+3)
Chronicles : Lineage 2 Gracia Final​

Attention players! The server will be focused not only on the Russian-speaking audience. The server will be advertised to an Euro audience too. This will bring the necessary balance online, as the Russian-speaking audience is modest.
Advertising will begin 7 days after the publication of this message.
We urge you to understand this information. Do not engage in “hating” an audience that does not speak Russian. “Hating” in the game world, concerning only the game, is your personal attitude, and our task is to regulate the relations in the chat. Do not allow chat bans of your characters.
The server is officially controlled by Nazism. Symbols are prohibited. Chat bans for symbolism, mention, etc. - from a month to a year.
A sheet of shame will be available on the forum.
Auto lock system per bot.
A new development from Smart Guard, which blocks any attempts to use the bot.
There is no longer a Disconnect concept when defining a problem. Now the ban comes immediately and only then the trial begins.
Protection determines the cause and then immediately blocks. No “guesses” about which program. Starting the client only in Sand Box mode (not visible to the player). Any attempts to use the bot - immediately ban.
  • EXP/SP: x1*
  • Adena: x1*
  • SealStone: x1*
  • Drop: x1*
  • Spoil: x1*
  • RB exp/sp: x1*
  • RB drop: x1*
  • EpicRB: x1*
  • Quest (drop): x1*
  • Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): x1*

* Rates x1 are an optimized figure for the game Gracia Final. Optimization means a floating value from 70% to 100% of the standard unit of rates. This means that if in the game by default a drop from 1 NPC is 10-14 adena, then on our server it is possible to drop from 7-14 adena. This system was developed separately to balance game inventory.
Starting equipment:

Standard set.
  • PA (VIP) - Increase in received EXP, SP + 100% (350 RUB / month).
  • Game store through your account.
  • There is no NPC buff (optional. Only standard chronicles).
  • Auto ban for using the bot. Unified bot control system. Each window starts in SandBox mode to exclude the possibility of using bot programs.
  • Protection from third-party software (any) (integration of third-party code and dupes).
  • Clean build without any additions. No game stores. No third-party NPCs. 100% Retail product.
  • All Events will be launched manually by the Administration (not according to off sources).
  • No window restrictions
  • Auto-selection is missing.
  • Damned Weapon is disabled until the first Heroes on the server.
  • The ability to use off-trade trading (Offline Trade). Attention! Offline Trade service is paid. To use, you must have at least 1000 Adena per character. Every 7 days a character will be kicked out of the game automatically.
After starting the server, buying professions will not be possible.
After 4-6 months, the NPC will be available to purchase professions.
1 and 2 professions can be purchased in the game store at the following prices:
1 profession - 100,000 adena.
2 profession - 3 million adena.
Donations are available before the server starts.
Funds are credited to the account, then in your account the goods for purchase are available. You can use the purchase of goods during the Pre-Creation of Characters. It is also possible to purchase a Premium Account before starting in the mode of Pre-Creation of Characters. Premium Account will start working only on the day of launch.
Includes premium supplies (like on the official server), server items (raincoats), decorative items (hats, agathions).
Vitality restoration items will be added as part of promotions aimed at developing newly arrived players.
Perhaps individual Vitality items for Adena will be added, with functionality restricting their purchase to one character.
It will be available before the server starts in 14 days.
You can choose the name and appearance of your character, however, you can enter the game world only at the time of the official opening of the server.
Seven sings - on the opening day.
Siege - A month after the discovery.
There is no game store. All products, as well as PA can be purchased only through the website in your account
Link to your account
Link to account replenishment via PayPal
Link to replenish an account with other payment systems - UniPay
Link to replenish an account with other payment systems - Robokassa
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