Tera java server



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Семья Melcosoft
Proper Java based server for TERA

Client supported: NAEU-17.32.04
Language: English

About future updates:
- No point on updating to latest client, since this is not complete.
- I would be happy if this worked at 80-90% as it should before trying to update.
- Took me ages to find a proper client and launcher by searching the forum.
- No support for parsing DataCenter info to XMLs.

- Proper Eclipse .settings folder.
- Removed all Russian comments from java files.
- Translated most russian messages to English.
- Translated configs to English (I used google translator).
- Formated all code to follow same indentation.
- Fixed all visible NPEs and warnings.
- Minor java 1.7 and 1.8 improvements here and there.
- Generated javadocs for most of the files.
- Removed a few duplicate templates from XML files.
- Created build.xml for easy project compiling.
- Created seperate SQL files needed to run the server.
- Organised folder paths.
- Created launcher file for easy debugging / live testing.

(update 1)
- Reverted changes so that the server would connect to NAEU-17.3204 client.
- Decompiled rlib so that future development would be possible with full sources.

Sources: https://github.com/MobiusDevelopment/TJServer
Launcher: https://github.com/MobiusDevelopment/Tera-Launcher
Client: https://mega.nz/#F!RJdmgAaQ!1lQJdA0irA4vu6gEw2x37w